Doggy Etiquette!

A Message to our canine guests


We welcome up to 2 of our canine friends at Fox Lodge, but there are a few things we would ask you to observe.


  • We expect all dogs entering the house to be fully house trained. Any additional cleaning required after your departure due to dog mess will be charged to your owners.


  • There is a large former pantry under the stairs which has no door, but is fitted with a gate to form a dog pen. Ideal for you at night.


  • Dogs are not allowed upstairs or on the furniture in any room.


  • Whilst out having fun you may get muddy. Please remind your owners to bring your own doggy towels and brush with you for cleaning and grooming. The hallway at Fox Lodge has a laminate floor ideal for drying off muddy pups. There is a tap in the back yard if you get really filthy and need a wash. Please resist any attempts by your owners to bathe you in the shower or bath!


  • If you are still a puppy and going through the chewy phase we would prefer it if you did not chew our furnishings. Please remind your owners to pack something appropriate for you to chew on and make sure you stick to chewing just that.


  • If you make a mess in the yard please get your owners to clean it up immediately. Tell them poop bags can be found in a drawer in the kitchen and should be disposed of in the household rubbish bin (black lid).


  • We do appreciate visitors who are thoughtful enough to run the hoover round periodically during their stay, especially when you are moulting. The hoover lives in the area under the stairs.


  • This is a rural area and when out walking you are likely to encounter livestock in the fields. Your owners should keep you on a lead and under control when in a field with livestock. If you find yourself being pursued by unfriendly cattle we recommend your owner lets go of the lead. The cattle will be more concerned about you than your owners, so they can exit the field cautiously by the nearest exit and then call you to them. You, after all are a dog and can fend for yourself perfectly well against cattle, being quicker, more agile and armed with teeth.


To all our doggy guests we hope you and your owners have a wonderful time exploring the many footpaths around Wirksworth, and a very comfortable stay at Fox Lodge.